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Thank you for an honest, down to earth article. Squamish is not Whistler and never will be so the experience is very different. I am sorry to read more comments from people north of us who still can’t see what positive growth is building in Squamish. Any small town in transition has growing pains but the plans and the energy driving Squamish right now is headed in the right direction. It will not be overbuilt or overrun because that is how the community wants it.
I take my hat off to an amazing community of young, forward thinking individuals.
I have lived here for 18 years after 4 years in Whistler and Vancouver prior to that. I live and work here.

To see an envelope is to see that it conceals a message, that the message is private. To sell a painting of an envelope reifies the status of artworks as media of exchange, as well as exchange of ideas, exchange of messages, and, lest we forget, exchange of our old friend money. Some might find the message, such as it is, a bit too blunt, but what they lack in visual adventure, they make up for in conceptual heft; in the age of wholesale internet surveillance, Price’s work is a timely reminder that just because you can see something doesn’t mean it’s there. The dissemination of images on the internet is deceptive in a way similar to painting’s some-time mission: to create an image so realistic you self-consciously forget that it’s pure pigment (or code). In doing this, Price demands that the viewer consider the original engine of reproduction, the human mind.

Seth price essay ispersion

seth price essay ispersion


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