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A former KKK leader with swastika tattoos attending the University of North Florida was suspended a week ago, but was back on campus on Monday to appeal the university's decision. The school had prepared for a possible neo-Nazi rally by supporters during the hearing, but only four people came out to support Ken Parker; while roughly 80 counter protestors made an appearance. [...] Colleges Aggressively Fighting Binge Drinking by Banning Fraternities, Sororities November 14, 2017

Mbembe claims that Michel Foucault ’s concept of biopower – as an assemblage of disciplinary power and biopolitics – is no longer sufficient to explain these contemporary forms of subjugation. To the insights of Foucault regarding the notions of sovereign power and biopower, Mbembe adds the concept of necropower, which goes beyond merely “inscribing bodies within disciplinary apparatuses”. [16] Discussing the examples of Palestine, Africa, and Kosovo, Mbembe shows how the power of sovereignty now becomes enacted through the creation of zones of death where death becomes the ultimate exercise of domination and the primary form of resistance. [17]

Scholl essay

scholl essay


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