Project tracking software

"allaboutXpert has provided estimation services to its clients for well over 5 years and recently moved our technical offering to Galorath and more specifically the SEER for Software and SEER for IT products. These are world class products that have extended our current offerings and delivered significant value to our clients. Our engagements with the Galorath Management Team have been incredible, and is a relationship that embraces a true partnership. Along with the products the Galorath team brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table. We look forward to collectively providing even more innovation in the Estimation space in 2015 in both our African and newly establish Australian market." --Dennis G., allaboutXpert.

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Project management involves managing and connecting with people to achieve the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. BUGtrack is online project management software that brings everyone in the project team together and helps get the projects done faster and easier. Web-based project management centralizes all projects in one place. Online project management tool automatically distributes all tasks to the responsible team. Web project management software gives team members a list of tasks so there is no question about what they should work on. Web based project management is a very effective approach for companies who work with partners from different locations, countries or regions. Being an online project management tool, BUGtrack is capable to unify and coordinate your virtual team members regardless of their physical location.

Project tracking software

project tracking software


project tracking softwareproject tracking softwareproject tracking softwareproject tracking software