Nursing theory essay

increased display of cultural identity, accompanied by increased demands for culture specific care and general health services. I believe that Filipino nurses are in demand abroad for being culturally open and caring regardless of their clients’ cultural orientation. The world is strongly multicultural and that e, as health personnel are anticipated to respond to our clients’ diverse cultural needs. Parsimony Theories should be relatively simple yet generalizable. Leininger’s theory is essentially parsimonious in that the necessary concepts are incorporated in such a manner that the theory and its model can be applied in many different settings (Basavanthappa, 2007). The theory and model are not simple in terms of being easily understood upon the first contact. However, Leininger’s presentations of her theory and model support the need for each of the concepts and demonstrate how the concepts are interrelated.

This seminar course provides a foundation to the role transition from student to professional nurse. Emphasis is placed on synthesizing theories, principles, concepts and skills from nursing and other disciplines as a basis for implementing holistic nursing care directed toward healing in the human health experience. Students demonstrate integration of theoretical knowledge and clinical decision making in simulated complex clinical experiences and presentations. Competence Statement: Knows the art and science of the nursing discipline well enough to make the clinical judgments that ensure the provision of safe, holistic care required of an entry-level professional nurse.

It is has been established that the length of the need has an impact of the pain experienced; longer needles are more likely to reduce the pain perceived. Current recommendations are inch needles for infants and newborns, 1 inch needles to be used for toddlers and adolescents, and inch needles to be used for adults. The recommended needle gauge has been established to be 23-25. In addition, rapid injection has been established to lessen the pain experienced. In addition, it has also been found that when administering several injections, the pain scores experienced during the first needle is significantly lower than the pain scores experienced during the last injection. Lastly, using the Z-track administration technique lessens pain by reducing leakage and irritation of the medication in the needle into the subcutaneous tissues (Abdel Razek & El-Dein, 2009). Z-tracking technique involves pull the skin about 2-3 centimeters aside before injection, followed by releasing the skin immediately after removing the needle, which results in a disjointed pathway that locks down the medication in the intended place.

Nursing theory essay

nursing theory essay


nursing theory essaynursing theory essaynursing theory essaynursing theory essay