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The film picked up two 2014 Fangoria Chainsaw Award nominations for Best Script for Kevin Lehane and Best Creature/FX for Shaune Harrison and Paddy Eason. [23] It was also nominated for a Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award for Best First Feature for Kevin Lehane [24] as well as for four IFTAs at the 2013 Irish Film and Television Awards . Bronagh Gallagher for Best Supporting Actress, Kevin Lehane for Best Feature Script, producers David Collins and Martina Niland of Samson Films, alongside Forward Films and High Treason Productions were nominated for Best Film and Ruth Bradley was nominated and won for Best Actress. [25]

How To Use It: Using this microwave bacon cooker rack is super easy. With this tool, anyone can cook it to perfection in a matter of minutes, and all of the dangerous, annoying, or messy stuff will be avoided.

Cooking Instructions:

  • To set up the rack, simply take your desired number of strips and then insert them into the slots, one at a time. Each slot or row will hold one piece, and the tray can accommodate up to 12 pieces total. You can cook a single piece or fill it to capacity, and the results will be the same. To cook twice as much, simply use two racks and stack them on top of each other.
  • Once you have inserted your meat, take the two skewers and stick them into their slots which align perpendicular to the bacon. The skewer will penetrate the meat in order to hold it in place while it cooks.
  • After the skewers have been inserted, simply pop the tray into your microwave and proceed to cook. The time and temperature will vary depending upon how tender or crispy you want your bacon, as well as the power rating of your microwave.
  • Start with less time and then add more until you get the consistency you are after. The first time may take a little experimentation, but after that, you should be a pro.
  • Once cooked, simply lift the skewers to remove all of the finished meat at once.
  • Tip skewers over plate to slide your crispy strips down and off.
  • To clean, simply dispose of any collected grease, and then put in the dishwasher.
No more messy counters or splattered stove tops, and no more sopping up greasy strips with paper towel just to make them edible. No bacon is healthy, but this convenient cooking rack will help you to prepare it as healthfully as possible. It will be far less greasy, so the overall fat content will be reduced. You won't have to take out any pans or wait for them to heat up, and you won't have to hand wash anything when you finish. Because you will cook with your microwave instead of the stove, your house will not heat up and become uncomfortable.

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Good attention grabbers in essays

good attention grabbers in essays


good attention grabbers in essaysgood attention grabbers in essaysgood attention grabbers in essaysgood attention grabbers in essays