Film technique analysis essays

Rear projection is a special effects technique used to give the illusion of filming a scene on location. The technique combines pre-filmed background footage with present foreground action. Rear projection was most popularized in driving sequences, when actors would sit inside a prop vehicle rigged up to a projector, which would cast the pre-filmed footage behind on a screen. This would give the illusion that the scene was occurring inside of a moving car, despite the fact that most instances of the rear projection technique looked quite amateur. While the foreground action would be keyed with the proper lighting and focus, the projected footage oftentimes appeared washed-out and weak.

The next long take is from Frank Darabont’s  The Shawshank Redemption . A white bus is seen driving up the street towards a long building. As the bus turns to drive around the building the camera goes straight over the top of the building to reveal the vast expanses of Shawshank Prison. Hundreds of prisoners in the yard are all seen walking in the same direction, seemingly toward the same place. As the camera makes it to the end of the prison yard the bus returns to the frame, meeting a group of guards at the same spot all of the prisoners had been heading towards.

Physical Electronics TOF-SIMS instruments function in a manner analogous to SEM/EDS instruments that use a finely focused electron beam to create SEM images for sample viewing and point spectra or images for compositional analysis. In contrast to SEM/EDS which has a typical analysis depth of 1-3 µm, TOF-SIMS is a surface analysis technique with a typical analysis depth of less than 2 nm and is therefore better suited for the compositional analysis of ultra-thin layers and nanoscale sample features. In addition, TOF-SIMS can be used to characterize molecular information from organic materials and tissue sections for medical research that would not be possible with SEM/EDS.

Film technique analysis essays

film technique analysis essays


film technique analysis essaysfilm technique analysis essaysfilm technique analysis essaysfilm technique analysis essays